Wildfire season is upon us. There is a burning ban in place, fireworks, and discharging firearms are prohibited. Please be mindful of defensible perimeters around structures and the safe removal of any ladder fuel that can contribute to the spread of fire. We all are responsible for the safety of our neighborhood.

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Saturday Oct 9, 2021 at 9 AM
Location: TBD

Diamond Summit at Leisure Woods II Home Owners Association

The Diamond Summit Homeowners Association is a 73 lot development in the greater Diamond Peaks development in Crescent lake Oregon which is located at Mile Post 71 ½ on Oregon Highway 58.

The Association is organized as a non profit corporation owned by its members and directed by an elected Board of Directors comprised of members. The Board is charged with managing the Homeowners water system, maintaining the public road system, regulating land use and owner conduct as well as building and appearance standards.

This web site is a requirement of our bylaws as the communication vehicle for our membership. When information is required to be disseminated it should be current and published on this site. Your inputs are always welcome for site improvement.

Diamond Summit at Leisure Woods II Home Owners Association
Board of Directors (Article 5.1, bylaws)

Principal Officers:

  • President: Tracey Windom
  • Secretary: Linda Cameron
  • Treasurer: Jeff Charvat

Advisory Council:

  • Adviser: Tim Duy
  • Adviser: Ron Gustin
  • Adviser: Rion Groves

Other Contacts:

  • Interim Water Contact: David Crider 541-771-5450
  • Bookkeeper: Lisa Gulledge, Bridgewater Bookkeeping, LLC

To Contact one of our Officers please use the following email address diamondsummitHOA@gmail.com
Or, you may send your correspondence to the following USPS mailing address:

Diamond Summit at Leisure Woods II Home Owners Association
PO Box 1094
Crescent Lake, Or 97733.