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Survey Recommendations (Posted 01/14/2021)

Reminder that with this cold weather please check your water boxes
to make sure insulation is in place! There has been a few instances
where water has frozen between the valve and homes, this is the
homeowners responsibility. (Posted 02/03/2020)

If you are experiencing water issues please contact David Crider
541-771-5450 or La Pine Plumbing 541-433-2553 be aware there
may be charges that are homeowners responsibility. (Posted 02/03/2020)

Reminder there are snow plows out keeping our roadways safe and
clear. Please do not park your vehicle on roadway or if you are
clearing your own driveway, please don’t push snow into roadway.
Snow on homeowners property is their responsibility, it becomes a
hazard when pushed into roadway. (Posted 02/03/2020)