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Summer Reminder

Quick note that with summer comes increased traffic in our neighborhoods, this includes off road vehicles, and pedestrians. Please be aware and keep speeds slower to keep everyone safe. We all thank you! (Posted 007/30/2020)

Our HOA is getting ready for roadside maintenance and asphalt crack sealing, please be aware of work vehicles on roadways and drive safely. (Posted 007/30/2020)

Our HOA continues to evolve, Linda our Secretary is working on creating a central database for ease of contacting members. She still is missing emails from some
members. Please email at diamondsummit@gmail.com with contact information so we can keep our records current. Thank you! (Posted 007/30/2020)

Reminder that with this cold weather please check your water boxes
to make sure insulation is in place! There has been a few instances
where water has frozen between the valve and homes, this is the
homeowners responsibility. (Posted 02/03/2020)

If you are experiencing water issues please contact David Crider
541-771-5450 or La Pine Plumbing 541-433-2553 be aware there
may be charges that are homeowners responsibility. (Posted 02/03/2020)

Reminder there are snow plows out keeping our roadways safe and
clear. Please do not park your vehicle on roadway or if you are
clearing your own driveway, please don’t push snow into roadway.
Snow on homeowners property is their responsibility, it becomes a
hazard when pushed into roadway. (Posted 02/03/2020)

Happy New Year to All!!


Clean up and dead tree removal event is coming up!!
Free recycling/yard debris drop off May 31-June 1 at the Crescent Transfer Station and Chemult Landfill. Our HOA is hiring a contractor for roadside maintenance and debris disposal. If you would like to utilize this opportunity to hire this contractor for personal debris removal, please make arrangements with Aaron Roth 541-420-7375. It is going to be a busy time, so arrangements should be made ASAP. (Posted 05-15-2019)

Please take note of new email for our HOA. We have had recent a recent fraudulent attempt that we suspect came from the use of our officers personal information. There is a new email that is only used for this HOA. Please add to your contacts diamonsummitHOA@gmail.com. Thank you. (Posted 04-27-2019)

Please mark your calendar for free clean up event sponsored by FireFree. There will be free yard debris recycling May 31-June 1 at the Crescent Transfer Station and Chemult Landfill. This is a great opportunity to get rid of any debris off your property that may contribute to wildfire. More information is on homepage in announcements. This HOA will have a contractor during these dates clearing roadsides in common areas. If you would like to have our contractor haul your personal debris, contact Dick Carlson for their contact information to arrange. Costs incurred from the contractor for personal debris is the responsibility of the homeowner. (Posted 04-27-2019)

Homeowners with paved driveways are invited to inspect for any damage or cracks. There are areas of the roadway that are in need of repair, so there will be a contractor coming to our area. Costs for repairs can be offset if more people utilize the contractor while he is there. Please contact Dick Carlson on what dates so interested parties can take advantage of this opportunity. (Posted 04-27-2019)

Reminder for all to be more aware of pedestrians on the roadway. Please slow down and be mindful as the weather is getting increasingly nicer, there are more people on the roadway as well as children that are catching school bus during the school year. Also, with the roadside maintenance happening at the end of May there will be more equipment on roadway, so please pay attention. (Posted 04-27-2019)

There are grants available through Walker Range Association for tree, shrub debris and ladder fuel removal that have the potential to contribute to fires. The board is seeking member feedback so we can move forward. Please email or call Dick Carlson rr-carlson@att.net with your thoughts. (Posted 02-01-2019)

Linda Cameron, Secretary is seeking contact information for a comprehensive member directory. While most addresses are on file, there are very few who have emails or phone numbers attached. We would like to have as much contact information as possible so we can contact members in real time. This information is secured and will not be used for any other purpose but to keep our members informed. Please email Linda at blcameron@charter.net Thank you for your time. (Posted 02-01-2019)


Five year audit of water system by Klamath County Health Division was completed on 11/7/2018. There was one recommendation made. Water system passed audit favorably. (Posted 11/21/2018)

Linda Cameron, Secretary is working with our bookkeeper Lisa on an updated member directory. If there are changes with contact information, please let Lisa know so we can have accurate information. We encourage email information to be included as it is a much more timely way to manage information and situations as they arise. (Posted 11/21/2018)

The Board would like to take this opportunity to gently remind our members to be respectful and considerate of each other. We are in a neighborhood, so be thoughtful of other residents and how they may be effected by activities on your property such as noise. (Posted 11/21/2018)

Announcement to Members Participating in Automatic Payment Program. As of July 1, 2019, we will be discontinuing the Automatic (ACH) Payment Program
which allows members to pay their annual dues and water bills (if applicable), monthly.
This is because of declining and limited usage of the program by members combined
with the costs of administering the program. We are providing notice well in advance of
the July 1st date to help you prepare for this change. This modification to our payment
program in no way effects members currently enrolled in the current ACH through June
30, 2019. No new members will be added to the current ACH program.

Diamond Peaks HOA Sealing Map 2018 Click for Details (posted Aug 8, 2018)


Diamond Summit HOA will be sealing marked spots on road July 10. There will be traffic cones to identify spots but be careful driving on any newly sealed areas. The entrance and middle section HOAs will be chip sealing the week of July 10. (posted July 2, 2017)


Notice is Hereby Given, that the 2016 Annual Meeting of the property owners of Diamond Summit at Leisure Woods Subdivision of THE DIAMOND SUMMIT AT LEISURE WOODS II HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC., an Oregon Corporation, will be held on the 2nd day of July, 2016 at 10:00 am at the Central Cascades Fire & EMS Community Room, 240400 Crescent Lake Highway, in Crescent Lake, Oregon.


Roadside Maintenance Project continues per our announcement last fall. Our thanks to all who have done clean up. Please remember that your efforts to clean your frontage and avoid an assessment should be completed by May 31. Beginning June 1 a contractor will commence the clean up for those who have not cleaned their frontage. Consistent with our notice to the members the contractor will also remove any landscape debris from all members during his work so if you place yard debris adjacent to the asphalt he will remove it during the week ending June 5. There will be no charge to the members for this added removal service. If you have questions please contact a Board member. RRC 5/20/15

Notice is Hereby Given, that the 2015 Annual Meeting of the property owners of Diamond Summit at Leisure Woods Subdivision of THE DIAMOND SUMMIT AT LEISURE WOODS II HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC., an Oregon Corporation, will be held on the 27th day of June, 2015 at 10:00 am at the Central Cascades Fire & EMS Community Room, 240400 Crescent Lake Highway, in Crescent Lake, Oregon.

We have been attempting to encourage Verizon and ATT to improve their cell service in the Crescent Lake area. Several calls and letters have been written but without success. We suggest you notify your carrier directly via customer service and indicate the deteriorating service over time. Our inability to make contacts, including emergency contacts or using 911 has obviously deteriorated. Please advise us of your actions. RRC 3/15/15


The Board would like to take this seasonal opportunity to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season. RRC 12/15/2014

In honor of National Wildfire Awareness Month in May the Klamath County Solid Waste Division will hold a free yard disposal day to help promote awareness of wildfire prevention.Take advantage of FREE yard debris disposal on May 3 at the Crescent disposal site. Hours are 8:30 to 4pm at Crescent. Remember, yard debris only.

Firewise recognition program to be held on May 3, 2014 at 1:30 PM. Location is the Central Cascades Community Services Center at 20400 Crescent Lake highway. Program will recognize application of firewise principals in the Diamond Peaks Homeowners Association and will be attended by a number of officials. More information will be posted as it becomes available. RRC 3/17/2014

Please be cautious of road clearing equipment or unexpected pedestrians when driving in the subdivision. The warmer weather has increased traffic. RRC 3/17/2014

When returning to your residence after a long period flush your water system for a few minutes. This helps remove stagnant water and lowers the temperature. This has been recommended by the Oregon Association of Water Utilities. RRC 3/17/2014

Oregon Water Resources Division has entered the final phase of our permit approval to apply our water rights to our well. RRC 3/17/2014

Walker Range Fire Protection District advised us that grant funding is available for land clearing to reduce fire hazards. This will help comply with SB360. Individuals can check with Echo Murray on 541 433 2451 to see if you qualify. RRC 3/17/2014

Time to clean up as Spring approaches. Brush and trees within 5 feet of the pavement should be cleared and limbed to improve visibility and maintain the compacted gravel. RRC 3/17/2014

Please notify the Association of any changes in your address or telephone numbers. RRC 3/17/2014


Annual Backflow Testing will take place on July 19. Reports will be available approximately November 1. When reviewing your report check for the request to call. There could be a need to reduce your pressure for safety of various plumbed devices in the home/cabin. RRC 7/18/13